Censored is a collaboration work by Merilin Pärismaa and Gregor Pankert , inspired by the amount of censoring happening constantly in today’s world. It consists of a robber mask, which is made out of wool, reminding of selfmade ones as used in the underground and protests. Through a soundsensor, everytime the wearer speaks, a glitch appears on the mouth-like LCD-screen, as well as the for censoring typically used beeping sound. Through the electronics, the mask is transformed into a realtime censoring wearable.

“Switzerland referendum: Voters support ban on face coverings in public”

Never Forget What You Pretend To Be

What am I? Who are you? Are you what you pretend to be, or do others define it? Can you influence how you are perceived, and are you what you are perceived as? Or are you really who you think you are?

Too many unanswerable questions, so I’ll let the machine answer instead.

“Never forget what you pretend” to be is a multimedia installation, consisting of an interactive chatbot-program and 6 printed T-shirts.

Visual Music Textiles

In a world where unnecessary consume and waste have reached it’s peak, the world lies in the hand of the young artists and designers, who actively try to find solutions. The conceptual textile project “Visual Music Textiles” in the form of a multimedia installation with photos and one video, aims to introduce the idea of textiles changing based on their surroundings, be it through light or sound. Adaptive and evolving materials could be a big part of the future efforts against constant wasting and renewing.


What happens if you combine the theory of lines with the theory of sound and space?

The multi-media installation “Soundvase” combines drawings of actual soundwaves, a 3D-printed Soundwave and various conversions from those media back into sound.

Trajet Symphonique 5 Mouvements

“Trajet Symphonique 5 Mouvements” is an immersive composition/sound installation, specifically composed to be performed in a bus. The piece consists of 5 movements in total, each of them representing a different mean of transport or location, ranging from a regular flight in an airplane over a rocket launch to sonifications of the planets of our solar system. The aim of the work is to make the recipient feel the immersion of being in another place at the moment of driving, solely through the power of sound and field recordings, in a time where traveling seems to be harder than ever before. The piece is performed live from a computer, allowing for varying distances of travel in the bus. It contains musical and sonificative elements to draw attention and add to the immersion.

The movements are:

1. Takeoff

2. Deep down

3. Darkness

4. Takeoff II

5. GM-Storm

Garden Concert

Due to the Corona-measures being very strict in my home-country, the composer’s collective “Kl-Ex” decided to organize a concert outside, for a few visitors only, so that the restrictions could be followed. The outside location also set the theme, that the composers would follow: Field-recordings should be used from one’s own garden, and implemented in the piece.

For my piece, I wrote an interactive application playing 2 different soundfiles based on sound-input of the performer, who is following an evolving graphical notation.

The piece is divided into 5 1-minute long parts:

1. andante, consecutive half or whole tones

2. Staccato, always take off the bow

3. Tremolo

4. Pizzicato

5. Free

Virtual Or Reality

How virtual can something be to still be accepted as real? Is virtuality the contrary of reality and does virtual reality always have to be virtual? In my audiovisual installation, I aim to explore the borders of immersion through VR-technology, to make the recipients – through seemlessly real environments – grasp my abstract ideas.